Why should you choose Indochina LFS toxic fume hood?

Update: 03 Aug 2023
Why should you choose Indochina LFS toxic fume hood?

Why should you choose LFS toxic fume hood?

Indochine fume hood LFS

Introduction of laboratory fume hood

What is a fume hood and the necessity of a fume hood?

Fume hoods are essential equipment in laboratories and work environments where toxic and toxic gases are involved. It mainly absorbs toxic gases, protecting personnel and the surrounding environment by removing dangerous hazardous substances.

Fume hoods are essential in ensuring laboratory safety, often used in chemical, pharmaceutical, and biological research facilities.

Necessity of fume hood

Indochina LFS is a reliable supplier of laboratory furniture.

Indochina LFS is a reliable supplier of high-quality laboratory furniture products.

Our fume hood products have achieved standards such as ISO 9001:2015, QTTN/02:2019, and ASHRAE 100-2016. The products are all customizable to best meet the specific needs of your laboratory.

Indochina LFS is proud to be a supplier of environmentally friendly equipment to improve safety in the laboratory.

Benefits of fume hoods

Protect lab staff

Fume hoods protect laboratory personnel from toxic gases/vapors generated during testing.

This is important, especially when working with volatile or toxic substances, which can cause health problems if exposed. Fume hoods are designed to capture gases before they are released into the laboratory, ensuring that personnel are not exposed to hazardous substances.

A fume hood allows employees to work confidently, knowing they are protected from potential hazards.

Protect lab staff

Prevent pollution

Fume hoods play an essential role in preventing contamination by keeping hazardous substances inside the cabinet. It ensures that the experimental results are guaranteed to be accurate, reliable, and not affected by external factors.

A fume hood is essential when working with volatile chemicals or infectious agents.

Save time and save money.

Using fume hoods will reduce the need for personal protective equipment, such as respirators or goggles. It helps save time and costs because employees can focus on work without worrying about adjusting personal protective equipment.

Fume hoods also improve laboratory performance by creating a safe, controlled environment.

Features of Indochina LFS fume hood


The fume hood of Indochina LFS is made of high-quality materials such as powder-coated iron with epoxy composition, and the working surface meets SEFA 3 chemical resistance standards…. It guarantees durability, convenience, and longevity.

The fume hood is designed to withstand the corrosion of everyday laboratory use, making it a worthwhile investment that saves money.

The fume hood of Indochina LFS is designed to meet the rigorous requirements of the laboratory. With efficient suction and filtration, the cabinet helps prevent exposure to hazardous substances and protects employee health. In addition, the noise level of the cabinet also ensures that it does not affect other experimental areas.

Ability to customize according to customer needs

We know that each laboratory will have unique requirements, so the furniture we offer, not only fume hoods, can be customized to each laboratory.

With a team of experts with many years of experience, we are ready to work with you to design a specific fume hood suitable for the specifics of the laboratory, such as size, airflow, and filtration system.

Energy-saving and environment friendly

Our fume hoods are designed to save energy while contributing to reduced utility costs and environmental impact in the laboratory. We have always prioritized using environmentally friendly materials and processes, ensuring our equipment meets sustainability and social responsibility standards.

How to choose the fitting fume hood for your laboratory

Assessment of laboratory needs

Before choosing to buy a fume hood, assessing the laboratory’s needs is a necessary step. This includes determining the experiments you will perform, the amount of hazardous chemicals used, and the space used in your laboratory. This information will help you choose the fume hood to meet your requirements.

Consult with experts and staff in the room.

Consult an expert such as LFS Indochina, who will help you decide which fume hood to choose.

Team of experts with many years in technology, rich knowledge, and extensive experience in laboratory equipment. We can help you make the most accurate selection of fume hoods.

Cost problem

Cost is always a top issue when choosing goods. However, evaluating the long-term costs of investing in high-quality equipment is essential. Choosing a reliable side fume hood can save you money on maintenance, servicing, and replacement in the future.


Benefits of Indochina LFS fume hood

Indochina LFS fume hood has many benefits, such as protection from toxic gases and chemicals and preventing experiment contamination. Indochina LFS fume hood has many benefits, such as protection from harmful gases and poisonous chemicals and avoiding contamination from experiments. Highly customizable, energy efficient, and sustainable over time.

We guarantee that Indochina LFS fume hoods make your laboratory a safe and controlled environment for testing.

We are committed to providing laboratory furniture products that meet each customer’s needs.

Contact us today to learn more about fume hoods and how we can help you create a safe laboratory environment.