Construction of clean room for liver transplantation at 108 Hospital

Construction of clean room for liver transplant
Construction of clean room for liver transplant at Central Military Hospital 108

About 108 Central Military Hospital

Military Central Hospital 108 was established on April 1, 1951. The hospital has successfully completed its tasks by experiencing two resistance wars against foreign invaders, the war to protect the Fatherland, and the period of renovation and national construction. Cure and care for the health of the army and the people, making worthy contributions to the military medicine industry, the country’s medicine, and the tremendous joint victory of the whole nation. Today, 108 Central Military Hospital is constantly developing, regular, scientific, and modern; it is a general hospital, a deep specialty, the last line of the army, a national special-class hospital, a health care and protection facility for the most senior leaders of the Party, State, and Army. And Laos, Cambodia. Research Institute of Clinical Medicine and Pharmacy and provide postgraduate training up to the doctoral level.

Under the requirements in package 02: Renovating and adding glass walls, and automatic doors on the 1st floor, Faculty A7-C, A2-D, and basement steel structure B2; Construction of a clean room to expand the liver transplant area at Faculty B3-B

Indochina LFS Company carried out the construction of a clean room for liver transplantation.

Clean room ceiling for liver transplant
Clean room ceiling for liver transplant
clean room door for liver transplant
Clean room door for liver transplant

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