Positive pressure operating room


Positive pressure operating room

The hospital operating room is one of the issues of great concern today. Among them, the sterility factor is considered the most important. To ensure safety in the operating room, factors such as cleanliness, electrical systems, air and microbiological filtration systems, and medical devices need to comply with specific design standards to high standards.

A cheerful pressure operating room (or cheerful pressure operating room) ensures that the pressure in the chamber is always higher than the pressure outside the room.

The cheerful pressure operating room maintains a higher pressure than the outside environment. Thanks to this, the air cannot return to the room from the outside. All small dust particles in the air will be filtered out. Outside pollution problems will not be able to penetrate the room. The cheerful pressure operating room protects the patient from the risk of infection and disease.

To ensure the smooth operation of the cheerful pressure operating room, the following technical requirements are required:

  • HEPA filter to control the movement of airborne contaminants.
  • The entrance to the operating room uses an automatic door.
  • Floors, ceilings, and windows need to be sealed thoroughly.
  • Fan and duct system to move the air in the desired direction
  • Control system so that the user can adjust the desired parameters.
  • The intermediate medium between the cheerful pressure room and the outside environment for delivering, observing, and storing protective equipment.

Standards of positive pressure operating room

Specialized organizations often organize technical standards for cheerful pressure operating rooms. Those organizations include World Health Organization (WHO), US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),…

These standards include:

Microbiological standards

  • WHO – Grade B
  • WHO – High Level of Grade

Standards for dust

  • Class 1000
  • Class 5000
  • Class 10000

Standard positive pressure: From ≥ + 7 Pa; ≤ -2.5 Pa is regulated by the US CDC

ACH air exchange coefficient greater than 15

Ambient temperature must be below 24ºC, humidity below 60%

The cheerful pressure operating room is designed to filter harmful contaminants out of the air continuously. They are often used to treat patients with weakened immune systems.

Positive pressure operating room

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