Negative pressure operating room

Negative pressure operating room

The standard for negative pressure operating room:

  • Microbiological emission standards: according to the World Health Organization (WHO) standards – class B (the number of microorganisms does not exceed 10 CFU).
  • Clean operating room standard: Class 10,000 (the amount of dust 0.5µm in size does not exceed 10,000 particles per cubic meter of air, equivalent to 352,000 particles/m³).
  • Negative pressure standard: the minimum negative pressure is -4 Pa (according to the standards of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – CDC).
  • Environmental standards: temperature does not exceed 24°C, humidity does not exceed 60%, and CO2 concentration does not exceed 1,000 ppm.


Negative pressure operating room

The hospital operating room is one of the issues of great concern today. Among them, the sterility factor is considered the most important. To ensure safety in the operating room, factors such as cleanliness, electrical systems, air and microbiological filtration systems, and medical devices need to comply with specific design standards to high standards.

A negative pressure operating room (or negative pressure operating room) is a room in which air moves in only one direction. Air enters and exits the room through the same door. Using a negative pressure room helps avoid the spread of exhaust gases to other areas during surgery.

To ensure that the space in the negative pressure operating room is always clean and unpolluted, the number of gas exchange times through the filter must be 17 per minute. The negative pressure operating room must have a temperature, humidity, pressure control system, and HEPA filter.

Design and construction of negative pressure operating room

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