Laboratory faucet


Specialized washing faucet

Product Specifications:

  • The faucet made of brass material, with epoxy coating outside
  • Resistant to most chemicals, UV rays, and high temperatures
  • Valve: Made of high-grade PP plastic
  • The durability of use up to 500,000 times
  • The faucet is a detachable design and can be easily cleaned.

The faucet used in the laboratory table has a sink. Locations need a dedicated faucet.

Application of specialized laboratory faucets

VinBioCare laboratory table

Where can I buy a dedicated faucet?

You have a need for laboratory faucets. Please get in touch with us to get the best advice and price.

In addition, Indochina LFS also offers a complete package of laboratory design and construction services. In Hanoi and across the country.

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