Emergency eyewash faucet


Emergency eyewash faucet

An eyewash faucet or emergency eye emergency faucet is usually mounted on the tabletop or wall; the faucet is mounted right at the sink and used to wash eyes as soon as chemicals get into the eyes.

The effect of eyewash faucet

The eye emergency faucet is a type of eyewash faucet that is mounted on a table or wall.

The nozzle of the faucet has a lid that automatically opens and closes when in use, along with a dust filter to help the faucet maintain steady water pressure.

Water pressure can be adjusted manually

Types of emergency hoses

Parameters of eyewash faucet

The faucet body is made of solid copper, the outside is painted with high-gloss epoxy paint,

Resistant to most chemicals, resistant to fading due to ultraviolet rays and high temperatures.

The nozzle is made of soft rubber with a cap

Water supply pipe 1.5m long, PVC pipe inside, stainless steel outside, PE foam to prevent water leakage

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