Fume Extraction Arms


Fume Extraction Arms Laboratory

The portable hood is mounted on the ceiling, on the desk or on the wall. It has the ability to move easily back and forth, is height adjustable, suitable for small, portable devices that perform experiments with volatile solvents,…

Product specifications

The suction cup is made of acid-resistant, anti-corrosion PP plastic. There is a knob to control the air flow easily.

The distance between the fixed bottom and the upside-down frame can be adjusted from 990mm to 1450mm, customized according to user needs. With a large operating range around the fixed frame

  • Coupling: High quality PP, 360 degree rotation.
  • Guide ring: Low-friction treated rubber, fitted between two joints, rotates easily and seals.
  • Center bolt: 304 . stainless steel
  • Adjustment Knob: Premium PP with brass nut lock with center pin
  • Regulating valve: gas flow control knob and wind board are both high-quality PP materials, linked by 304 stainless steel bars; Self-adjusting external valve knob, air flow control
  • Dome/cup lid: Diameter 375mm/200mm, high-grade PP, red, white, transparent for choose.
  • Fixed frame: High density PP material, set to the lab roof by M12 expansion screw.
Portable air intake capture
Wall mounted portable suction cup


Table-mounted portable suction cup
Table-mounted portable suction cup


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