Chemical storage cabinet

Chemical storage cabinets

Chemical storage cabinets meet ISO 9001: 2015, 13485: 2016, SEFA, ASHRAE 110-95 standards,…

Chemical cabinets have 3 popular sizes with users:

1200x800x2200mm, 1500x800x2200mm, 1800x800x2200mm

Danh mục: Tủ phòng thí nghiệm, Nội thất phòng thí nghiệm

Từ khoá: Bàn thí nghiệm, Bàn thí nghiệm trung tâm, Bàn cân chống rung, Bàn thí nghiệm có bồn


A laboratory chemical cabinet with an activated carbon filter fan is necessary. The purpose of storing hazardous chemicals is to protect the health of LAB staff.

What is the effect of laboratory chemical cabinets?

Where all hazardous chemicals are stored because chemicals we need a place to store and store. We can classify them and have a place to put them when needed will reduce the search time. Save time, create orderliness, and perform well 5S.

Most chemicals are toxic to human health because they are often in high concentrations, which, when exposed daily, will have long-term health effects.

Increase the shelf life of chemicals: when chemicals are stored in a low humidity, light, and heat environment, the chemical will be less changed.

Classification of laboratory chemical cabinets

  • Classification by structure includes:

Chemical cabinets with exhaust fans and filters of this type provide the most effective protection for users because the released chemicals are partially absorbed into the filter membrane and blown out to the plant’s air treatment system to the environment.

Chemical storage cabinets with filters are fitted with one or two more filters to absorb toxic gas, but the cabinet will not absorb all of it, and there is still some amount in the cupboard when we open the door, and the gas will still fly out.

Cabinets without fans and filters are the simplest type, just a place to store chemicals; this type is often equipped to deal with little effect for health protection purposes.

  • Sort by material of manufacture

Made of powder-coated iron, which is often sold on the market with the advantage of being cheap, the manufacturer is easy to fabricate or rust after using it for a long time.

Made of stainless steel is a kind of anti-rust stainless steel material with the advantages of not rusting, a very long service life, and the disadvantage is the high cost and cost.

  • Sort by Size

The cabinet is designed according to the customer’s required size to suit the purpose of use.

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