Central Laboratory Table

central laboratory table

Laboratory table meets ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, SEFA

The central laboratory table is designed in the form of a standard-sized module that is put together.

Tables have a variety of sizes (can be changed to suit the needs of customers)

Danh mục: Bàn thí nghiệm, Bàn thí nghiệm trung tâm, Bàn cân chống rung, Bàn thí nghiệm có bồn

Từ khoá: Bàn thí nghiệm, Bàn thí nghiệm trung tâm, Bàn cân chống rung, Bàn thí nghiệm có bồn


What is the central lab table or the center table?

It is a large-sized laboratory table with lengths of 1.8m, 2.4m, and 3m, 3m6. 1.5m wide. Placed in the center of the laboratory should be called. central laboratory table

Types of central laboratory tables

  • Laboratory table with shelf for chemicals without sink
  • Laboratory table with full accessories (Sink, drying rack for tools, shelf for chemicals)
  • Laboratory table without sink, no shelf for chemicals
  • Laboratory table with sink, drying rack for tools, no shelf for chemicals

Technical specifications of the laboratory table

Table top

The table top is made of Laminate and Epoxy resin sheets with a 6 – 20mm thickness, specialized for laboratories, from famous brands such as Formica, Wilsonart, and Durcon.

The table top plate is uniform in nature, completely flat. Resistant to most chemicals, stains, and bacteria.

Table frame

The table frame is made of a galvanized steel box with powder coating on both sides. The table uses an H-frame design to increase the load capacity. Suitable for placing heavy machinery.

The frame is connected by industrial connectors that are easily removable. The base has raised legs to help adjust the height and balance of the table.


The desk drawer is designed with one drawer and 1 door made of MFC laminate, which is moisture-resistant to prevent bacteria growth.

There are a variety of desk drawers: mobile desk drawers, hanging desk drawers, framed desk drawers

Table top chemical shelf

Shelves for chemicals on the tabletop are optional, 2-tier, or 3-tier. The frame is made of powder-coated steel.

The shelf has a stainless steel bar to prevent items and chemicals from falling off.

Dedicated sinks and faucets

Washbasin made of high-quality PP plastic, chemical resistant, or stainless steel sink. Customers choose the size.

I dedicated 2 or 3 branch washing faucets. The epoxy-coated copper core faucet has a long service life.

The faucet is designed to work with pressures up to 5.5 bar, meeting ISO and SEFA standards.

Tool drying rack

The tool drying rack is made of 304 stainless steel or PP plastic. The drying rack includes 52 removable positions, with a water collection trough.

Where is the central lab table used?

Laboratories of food factories, chemical plants, pharmaceutical factories, and school research institutes. To replace old furniture or equipment made of materials not specialized for the laboratory.

Where can I buy a lab table?

The customer needs a laboratory table. Come to us Indochina Laboratory Furniture and Service Joint Stock Company specializes in the construction, design and supply of laboratory tables with competitive prices nationwide to receive a central laboratory table quote.

Leave your information on the contact card. We are happy to advise customers.

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