Laboratory sample storage cabinet

Laboratory sample storage cabinet

Sample storage cabinets, also known as laboratory sample storage cabinets, store and preserve laboratory samples after they have been processed. This is a unique device used in the laboratory environment to ensure the safety and reliability of sample storage.

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What is a sample storage cabinet?

Specialized equipment for storing and preserving processed and tested samples is mainly used in laboratories.

Specifications of sample storage cabinets

  • The body of the cabinet is made of powder-coated iron, and the interior is covered with environmentally friendly PVCF, moisture-proof..
  • The cabinet has stages that can be changed in height to suit customers’ needs.
  • The door has tempered glass for easy viewing and locks.
  • Combined with plastic, stainless steel base can increase the height to help level, anti-slip, and anti-corrosion.

Where to buy laboratory sample storage cabinets?

Come to us at Indochina LFS for design consultation, installation, and construction of a modern and standard laboratory.

For more information, you can directly contact the hotline: 0946282848 for the best support.

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